To Mexico... and beyond!

Credit: Hannah, duh. She’s fresh off her long-ass flight, and I’ve been waiting in the airport for a long-ass time. No, I’m not bug-eyed, nor is my right eye defective, I just take shitty pictures.

So, I’m in Mexico with Hannah. We’re spending 2 weeks traveling south through Central America and into South America.

So far? Excellent. :)

I have a proposed a writing project… because I’m a poetry nerd. There are 11 countries in total we’re planning to hit. In each country, a poem, alternating between Hannah and me. She’s asleep right now, so I may very well get konked on the head for that idea when she wakes up.

Like I said, proposed, so, yeah, if time permits. There are several things that come well before sticking to a plan or schedule. Same with the 11 countries. It’s possible, like Thailand, that I’ve naively planned the impossible (or maybe just the ill-advised).

I will try to get her back on a motorcycle (mu ha ha), even if it’s riding ‘backie’ as she puts it. Should be fun, either way.

A note: I’m not that into taking pictures. I forget that other people are. I caught some flak for my lack of pictures in Thailand. Honestly, I didn’t go there, or this trek through Latin America, to take pictures to show people. However, I will attempt to do better this time.

Oh, by the way, on the subject of Thailand, I still have the 5th installment to post, and I do have pictures, though most of them are a bit blurry due to the phone incident I documented in the 3rd installment (or was it the 4th?), but not all of it. I’ve been so damned busy that I keep putting it off. :/

Anyways, There shouldn’t be too many times when I can’t get online, so I’ll be around, just not consistently, and not for more than a few minutes at a time.

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