I would too :)
marika bianca

Unfortunately even forbidden rice is out :/ I mean, I can eat it once in a blue moon, and I have, out of curiosity :p but it’s got me rare. I have to be pretty choosy on my screw it days :p

Like hot fruit pie with a scoop of ice cream. O.o Yep, probably a week off my life, but worth it :p

Oatmeal is one of the things I really hate not being able to eat. I would eat the Irish style (whole groats) or Scottish (coarse cut groats) and oh, so so so good. Pain in the ass to cook, but worth it.

I’m an animal lover. I have no issue, though, with killing an animal to eat if it’s done respectfully and traditionally. I realize that sounds odd coming from an animal lover, but I believe in the circle of life, and I draw from my Native American roots on that.

I take serious issue with the current industrial meat processing methods, however.

As I’ve grown, I’ve had less desire to eat meat, just in general. I realized I would go weeks without eating meat (though I did regularly consume cheese). I didn’t even eat eggs or use milk. I didn’t miss meat much.

Cutting out fast food did a lot for that.

Unfortunately, along with the diabetes I’ve also got chronic calcium oxalate kidney stones, so combined, I’m not supposed to eat grains, starches, dairy products, fruit, “sweet” vegetables (carrots, corn, etc.) or most leafy green vegetables.

Which leaves Meat.

Well, I’m not one to tell doctors to go pack sand, but I’m not living like that. :) I’ve learned to live with the kidney stones, I’ve managed my diabetes, with diet and exercise, to the point that I don’t need medication at all and my blood sugar falls within the normal spectrum. I eat all the leafy green veggies I want. I eat fruit sparingly. I avoid grains and starches and corn like the devil. I don’t sweat the sweet veggies too much, I just don’t make them a staple of my diet. I eat small amounts of red meat/poultry and try to eat more fish and seafood :)

Oh, and I love quinoa :( can’t have it :p

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