Wild Flower

When I wrote that I was thinking “I’m going to sound like a damn lunatic…”

I’m relieved to be among people who understand that. It’s what I imagine heroes who face certain death feel when, instead of breaking and running, they smile and charge, through no lack of fear or terror, but with that god-like swelling of something greater than one person driving them. Maybe that’s why those kinds of stories inspire... how the bards roused the Celts, wearing nothing but paint, to charge Roman soldiers.

Maybe it’s something within us being reminded that we are not just bags of meat to live and die pointlessly, but to roar and sing and dance and love be greater than we are.

Edit: I got going there and completely lost my train of thought…

I think maybe the power of some poetry (and this seems to naturally extend to music, and even more so the combination of the two) is to stir that feeling.

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