Could a sports cards be your next business card?

Office drawers across the globe are filled with boxes of unused business cards which inevitably will find their resting place in the paper tray of the office shredder.

But what if employees had their own sports cards instead?

It’s a concept that’s gaining momentum, and most recently AFL NSW / ACT took the idea to a whole new level when they created footy cards for their employee forum in Sydney.

With over 120 attendees, the cards formed part of a larger team building exercise which provided a humorous ice-breaker and much hilarity as attendees approached their teammates to seek answers to the curly questions.

The cards from Future Talent Sports Cards cost around $1 per card, which made them a highly affordable and unique memento for all who attended, and were a huge talking point throughout the event.

Many businesses have begun creating these as a fun and unique way to recognise the achievements of their staff during end of year celebrations, or even as unique conversation starters as a replacement to traditional business cards.

So…. do you think your employees would get a ‘kick’ out their own card?