Why these catchcries have become the two most important questions you should be asking right now.

They’ve become the catch-cry of 2020, and the two most common questions you’ve no doubt heard on nearly every zoom call this year.

As our world moves online, grappling to adapt to new ways on communication, our basic human desires to feel seen and heard are as strong as ever, with visibility key to feeling valued, and being vocal integral to our sense of having a voice.

I recently began to reflect on these two questions and realised how profound and important they both are for each and every one of us to be asking ourselves right now.

So I’d…

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Unmanned underwater robots that could save marinas millions, and a fourth-generation farmer building software that can manage your livestock from your lounge room, are among the 10 startups selected to be part of this year’s Melbourne Accelerator Program.

These 10 startups were chosen from over 300 teams and will now prepare to present their successful pitches at the MAP’s 2020 Launch. This year the event will be delivered in partnership with Ticker TV and for the first time be held entirely online with tickets now available for the June 10 show.

Over the next five months these teams will receive…

A marketing masterclass from the sultan of soft-serve.

There are very few songs more symbolic of summer than the sweet symphony of Greensleeves signalling Mr Whippy has returned.

As eagerly anticipated as Santa arriving on his sleigh, the musical melody turns suburban streets into sprinting tracks as children dash, jumping and jostling to secure their spot in the line.

So why is Mr Whippy so magical?

The history of ice cream truck jingles is so extraordinary in its simplicity, yet so much can be learned from the king of soft serve about making your product deliciously desirable.

A recognisable trigger, strong brand recall, status and tension amongst a frenzied hype. It’s a perfect storm…

The power of promises, and why it’s so important to understand costs, dips, cliffs, and cul-de-sacs.

It sounds so simple, yet every day we see how rare this has become.

Brands over promise, people under promise, clauses clutter collateral whilst conversations are filled with caveats as to why what was agreed may be reconsidered in the future.

Why do we find it so hard to hold ourselves accountable when we are constantly reminded how closely trust is aligned to reputation and brand?

Much of this is because often we don’t fully understand the opportunity costs of saying Yes.

Opportunity costs: the loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.

In a world of infinite possibilities…

MAP’s 2019 cohort just before they hit the stage. Learn more about these startups.

More than 800 guests gathered for the 2019 MAP Launch, where this year’s Accelerator cohort presented their successful pitches in front of the who’s who of Melbourne’s startup ecosystem.

The MAP Launch has become one of the largest startup networking events in Australia, and this year joined forces with Melbourne Knowledge Week to bring the magic of this night to the Meat Market in North Melbourne — a decision that proved hugely popular amongst the ever passionate MAP faithful.

The event attracts investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, all eager to discover the latest emerging entrepreneurial talent, and in recent years has seen some of Australia’s most recognised startups take the stage including Nura, Phoria, Acusensus, Carbar, CNSDose, Brosa and many more.

An agricultural scientist turning flies into food, and a microelectronics engineer creating AI powered robots for farmers, are among the 10 new startups selected to take part in the year’s Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP).

The 10 startups, who were picked from over 240 applications, are set to present their companies at the MAP’s 2019 Launch, which this year is part of Melbourne Knowledge Week and will be held next Tuesday May 21.

Click here to secure your tickets to the 2019 MAP Launch.

Over the next five months these teams will receive mentoring from some of Australia’s most brilliant business minds, as well as access to a global network of…

Discussions about storytelling can be like the three tenors. They nearly always only focus on two parts of the act.

1. The stories we tell people about ourselves.

2. The stories they will tell others about us.

But there’s a third part which is equally as important, and the more efficient we can become in identifying this, the more effective we will be in using storytelling to move people to action.

3. Recognising the stories people themselves - their worldviews – and understanding how these will impact the first two points.

What would change if we were as intentional about our emotions as we are about packing our suitcase?

Every time we prepare to board a plane we are faced with a dilemma? What do we need to pack?

It requires intentionality because there’s a scarcity of space, so we can only take those things that are going to help us on our journey.

For some it means filling our bags to the brim, for others it’s about leaving plenty of room for those treasures and trinkets we might pick up along the way.

For all of us, the mindset is simple. …

So often leadership is confused with hierarchy — a structure which suggests there is scarcity at the top. To progress up, someone must come down. It’s an industrial mindset, and when applied to leadership it is simply not true.

We see these power struggles every day. Struggles for status to determine who will speak first, and more importantly who will speak last (aka the final say).

Often the outcomes of these interactions are mistaken for influence, but more commonly they are determined by dominance. The person who spoke the loudest, who pushed the hardest, who ‘pulled-rank’ when they were tired of pretending they wanted collaboration when ultimately they wanted consensus.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, but it is neither sustainable nor respectable and there are many leaders shining the light on a better way.

Gaining influence through empowerment.

The greatest leaders…

More than 1000 guests packed the Plaza Ballroom to witness the MAP18 Accelerator cohort presenting their successful pitches in front of a ‘who’s who’ of Melbourne’s startup ecosystem.

The Accelerator Launch has become one of the largest startup networking events in Australia, attracting investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, all eager to discover the latest emerging entrepreneurial talent — with some of Australia’s most recognised startups including Honee, Carbar, CNSDose and Brosa having all taken the stage in recent years.

Watch this video to checkout all the highlights from the night.

Among this year’s talented cohort are Jason Ball…

Heath Evans

Marketing & Communications Manager at Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) | Director at Future Talent | Seth Godin's altMBA Coach. www.heathevans.com.au

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