RGIII: Know Jesus Know Peace #RES560V

Minutes before a press conference following the Washington Redskins route of the Jacksonville Jaguars, RGIII was spotted wearing a shirt with the common Christian expression “Know Jesus, Know Peace”. However, once the press conference began the shirt was turned inside out. The NFL has strict rules prohibiting players from wearing outfits that feature personal messages, political campaigns, or charitable campaigns without first being approved by the NFL. Only things that are deemed “non-controversial” will be approved by the NFL. My concern with this rule is that if the non-controversial message is being enforced on simple post game T-Shirt, shouldn’t it be enforced in all other aspects of what the players can and cannot say during those same press conferences. One of the biggest controversial stories of the off season was former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam being the first openly gay NFL player. Homosexuality is the one of the most controversial topics in not only sports but also numerous other aspects of the news. Not taking anything away from Michael Sam and the way he lives his life, but if he is praised for being openly gay, why is RGIII forced to turn his shirt expressing his Christianity and what he believes in? The NFL seems to have a double standard when it comes to what is and what is not “controversial”.

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