The 2014 Ryder Cup proved to be disheartening for the United States team, but even more of a letdown for the United States citizens. As American’s we have the privilege to live in the greatest country on Earth, and there is nothing more discouraging than watching our country’s finest professional golfers fall to the Europeans for the third straight year. Granted, the Ryder Cup is only one small event in a mass array of things that make America greater than Europe. For example: Europe doesn’t even have 24-hour fast food drive thru’s to satisfy the midnight munchies nor do they even have plastic solo cups to drink ice old Budweiser out of while watching football in the air conditioning. But aside from the obvious, numerous reasons why America is greater than Europe, the Ryder Cup is one event in which the American’s can not get over the hump and pull out a victory. After leading for the majority of the event, we lost a heart breaker in 2012 when the Europeans made a furious comeback on the final day. This years struggles seemed to begin with the lack of leadership by Tom Watson, a former 8 time major champion. Phil Mickelson, a true American hero, did not shy away from his thoughts on Watson’s decisions.

“I’m just looking back at what gave us the most success, because we used the same process in the Presidents

Cup, and we do really well. Unfortunately, we have strayed from a winning formula in 2008 and the last three Ryder Cups. We need to consider maybe getting back to that formula.”

What this team needs is a younger captain. A captain that has so much American pride that he forces his squad to become a team much longer than just the weeks leading up to the Ryder Cup, but for the entire two years between the events. Golf is no longer an old mans game but rather a game recently dominated by young professionals that bring an exciting, no fear attitude to the game. It is about time that the American’s get on board with this and choose a captain that will use this to his advantage. The United States currently has 17 of the top 30 golfers in the world whereas Europe only has 10. There is no reason for the Americans to lose to Europe year after year. All we need is a captain that understands the importance of this event to the country and will live, breathe, and study the match-ups. The Ryder Cup returns to the United States in 2016 at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota. This will give our young guys two more years of experience and growth to take the Ryder Cup back from Europe.

The Ryder Cup may just be a golf tournament to some people but to others it’s an opportunity for our country to prove its dominance over Europe, much like we did in 1776. It’s an opportunity to show the rest of the world that even though golf started in Europe, the United States of America is the home of golf with the world’s most dominant golfer. As the late great Ricky Bobby once said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last” and its time for America to be first again.

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