I’m not diminishing the over-the-top actions of a paltry few Christian “extremists.”
Alexander Mitchell

Not only must I claim otherwise but the facts within this subject prove that me correct. For while you can try to use the “No true Scotsman” fallacy, the simple fact is many self-proclaimed Christian organizations have murdered abortion providers, nurses, security personnel, gays, and innocent bystanders. They have bombed women’s health clinics, government offices, gay businesses, and the buildings of other religions. Since 9/11, The White Christians have been responsible for more terrorists actions on US soil than the Daesh, Taliban and other groups combined.

I have referred to these groups collectively as the Christian Taliban for quite a while. Our current VP is a Christian Dominionist and a faithful follower of Rushdooney. Look up the term and then fear for our country’s future. I have said that this is the greatest threat to our Constitution, over Islam and even Fascism, and I will give all I can to stop our country from being a Theocracy.

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