Entertaining this Fall: Autumn Food line-up

Autumn brings that cool, crisp air and a promise of certain aromas and flavours that we just can’t escape: pumpkin, cinnamon, truffles and many more. Here are a few ideas for a dinner menu this fall.

Whether you’re entertaining a party of guests this October or a small and intimate dinner party, go either sweet or savory, or both with your appetizers. Tease your guests with an apple crisp baked brie, a super easy-to-whip-up pre-snack that is a rich combination of fall flavors.

Apple Crisp Baked Brie

For ingredients all you need is brie, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, pecans, butter and apples…and of course something to dip in it. Or how about a twist on the classic hummus with savory pumpkin hummus? Just grab the usual hummus ingredients: tahini, cumin, garlic, olive oil, garbanzo beans and paprika, this time adding a pumpkin pureé for that dash of autumnal crispness.

Pumpkin Hummus

Now we move on to the entrée. If you’ve already dazzled your guests with something pumpkin in the first round, maybe you wish to move on to some different flavors for the main meal. The fall is a popular time for truffles, those mushroom-looking things that bring a rich and particular flavor to dishes. Hailed throughout Autumn in Italy, they can be quite expensive. Try a light pasta with tagliatelle and shaved truffles or “tartufo” on top.

tagliatelle with truffles

Or how about a pizza with potato, carmelized onions, goat cheese and truffle oil? If you decide to embark on this truffle adventure, try an economic option: infuse your own oil with truffle flavouring. It’s enough to purchase a natural truffle flavouring from companies like FlavourArt to enhance your cooking without splurging.

Truffle Flavoring with Flavourart

Leave room for dessert and satisfy that sweet tooth with a decadent dessert treat. How about a Maple Crème Brulee with Cranberries and Hazelnuts? It may be a very labor-intensive dessert, but it will be well worth it, and takes very few ingredients. For an easier after-dinner treat, try pumpkin swirl brownies, or simply brew a warm apple cider to warm your guests and fill their bellies after a delicious spread.

Pumpkin swirl brownies

Dazzle your guests with a few of these dinner ideas this fall and they’ll be rushing back to your house for the Christmas holidays as well.