Three New Activities to Take up for your Health

Doing sports to improve your health is not news, but there are several options other than the traditional to promote both physical and mental health as well

Whether it be yoga or soccer or simply taking a walk around the park, there are several things we do on a day to day basis that can be considered sincerely useful to our health and it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to get up and join a sports team. Maybe it’s something you’ve done in the past, maybe it’s something you already do, or maybe it’s something you need to be doing more often, but here are a suggestion of three activities that will kick start your healthy lifestyle.

Dancing: Some people may be natural-born dancers, others may have nightmares about this kind of physical activity. Whatever your feelings may be on cutting a rug, there’s no denying the health benefits both physical and mental. And the great part is, there’s several different ways to indulge in this physical activity. Maybe you simply like to spend your Friday evenings out dancing with friends. Not everyone has to strap on the tap shoes and tick tick away. From a physical aspect, we know that dancing can improve balance and coordination and can be a great and fun way to lose weight, as we’ve seen with the inclusion of Zumba classes in gyms over the past five years or so. It boosts your heart health, and can even give you that killer body you always wanted. And there’s so much to choose from: tango, tap, ballet, hip hop, the list goes on and the possibilities are endless.

Cooking: Now one may think that the only way cooking is good for you is by preparing healthy foods so that they benefit your physical health. But that’s not exactly what we’re talking about here. What we’re talking about is the effect of cooking on your happiness and mental health. Cooking and exploring new recipes, takes your mind off things and can be a peaceful moment alone. It’s quite the meditative activity, it stimulates the senses and it’s just generally rewarding. It’s working towards the final product of something and then enjoying it and having others enjoy it as well. It is truly a great source of happiness and something you can do every day.

Ride a motorcycle: This is obviously not for everyone and can be quite dangerous if you’re not a seasoned rider. But if you are a motorcyclist, whether it’s for fun on the weekends or you use it as your means of transportation, getting up and on the bike may serve you more than you think. From a mental standpoint, many riders assure that a motorcycle ride leaves them feeling happy and full of energy, really a time for them to clear their minds on the open road. And as for the physical aspects, there’s a whole slew of health benefits. Have you ever tried to hold one of those things upright? It takes some serious muscle and core strength to do so, what with steering and turning. It also helps to strengthen the knees and thighs. If you haven’t been on your motorcycle in a while, make sure you do a safety check and have the proper motorcycle clothing and gear for a safe ride. And if you’re not up to speed with a motorcycle, try out a regular bicycle, it’ll do the same trick!

Maybe you already partake in some of these activities or maybe it’s time to get on the ball, but whatever the case may be, one of them is calling your name!

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