Over the weekend, I unexpectedly got to learn about lions, vultures, lambs, animal removal, water contamination, women in business, how to have difficult and awkward conversations, survival, goat hooves and what can be done with all parts of an animal.

At this time of year, we usually we celebrate “Sheep Week” and post fun videos about the silly sheep we rent to clear our property and the llama or donkeys that come to protect them. I’m not celebrating right now. In fact, I just washed blood off my boots and threw away a pair of gut-stained work gloves.

This is…

So, you have a conference coming up, right? Maybe it’s the big industry event of the year. Perhaps it’s a career fair. Or it could be something you’re attending for personal development. More than likely, if you’re reading this, you’re heading to Tech Inclusion in SF later this week.

Whatever your connection, there is probably a thought that you’ll be “Networking” and have to be impressive.

Let’s look at the best way to prepare for attending a conference.

A while back I wrote an article on “What we can learn from “The Man”.” I found that my male colleagues network…

When we’re not hating on “The Man”, or busy badmouthing “The Man”, or out in the desert paying tribute to the Burning of “The Man”, we could actually quiet down and learn a LOT from the man. And by “The Man” I mean just that…the white male in business.

Now, take this with a grain of salt, or a bucket of salt, if you must but I want to look at a certain aspect of business my white male colleagues have achieved that I find eludes many women and under-represented populations.


There, I said it. The dreaded word that often…

Recently, I agreed to a girls weekend get-away with some of the gals from high school. We meant to plan this each year since we turned 40 but, life…well, it just gets busy. And none of us are real planners. A few in the group have kids in travel sports and that’s a dedication to parenting above and beyond any comparison I can make since I am not a mom (OK…liar alert! I do have the most amazing bonus daughter, my husband’s daughter, but her mother is amazing and her dad already goes above and beyond, and she’s smart and…

Here’s the deal. I don’t normally do this. This is kind of weird. But will maybe do something for me? Can you possibly find time to read this and maybe email me back some thoughts?

What? No? Crap. I knew it.

Rewind. Do over.

I’d like to ask you for a favor. Will you take 5 minutes of your time to read this story? I think you’ll enjoy it because it offers a step-by-step way to learn to ask for what you need. It would be great for me to receive feedback from you because it will help me refine…

Life at work can be difficult. The office, whether corporate or a spare closet at home, is where we spend much of our time. Work is the cause of many of our frustrations. And yet, showing tears as a form of emotion is generally not seen as a powerful move in business.

Sometimes feedback is given in a way that sparks our emotion. Maybe you’re extremely tired and feeling the stress of deadlines. Perhaps life at home already has you emotionally charged and you get that one look from a co-worker (sympathetic, worried, concerned, annoyed) and the floodgates open.


Big money, big money!

Go for it! Put it all on black!

Cha-ching! [insert bells and bright lights]

And then time stops. The wheel turns, the ball bounces, up…down…up…it finds it’s rhythm and settles into a spin…then then “click…clunk…silence…” it lands in a pocket. But the wheel is still turning too fast to tell if it’s red or black. You wonder if a hip bump of the table will make the odds land in your favor…time is everlasting…

Have you ever gambled?

I had a mentor a few years back who spoke to me about commitment. “When you bet it…

Last year I wrote a post about “stop saying I’m sorry” and remove the word “just” and other apologetic words from our female vocabulary.

And now I’m going to say…I’m sorry!

Actually, I’m saying “Thank You for putting up with some of my really assertive language that can sometimes be taken as “in your face” aggression. *ahem*

I give you my sincere apologies for NOT posting what to say instead.

It’s one thing to remove words from our daily language but if we are not helped with what to replace it with, we can get all kinds of jammed up.

First, the recap from the original post is that women tend to say…

I’ve been conducting research for an article about changing the conversation for Women in Business so we can drop any victim language and step into our leadership roles.

One thing was definitely confirmed:

In the new sharing/connection/social entrepreneurialism economy, we are SUPPOSED to highlight our life experience, our social endeavors, our volunteerism.

Crap! I just spent 20 years of my life pushing that to the bottom of my resume, hiding my social justice and volunteer work because I was told it made me look like I never “held a real job” or “was all about feeling good and not about…

Curious. Connected. Confident.

So you were told you were brought in to your company because of your “out of the box thinking”; you want to be known for innovation, for pushing the envelop, for your freaking CREATIVITY!

And in today’s fast paced, entrepreneurial business environment, people desire creative ideas, right? Most of us answer with an obvious YES! …

Heather Furby

helping business leaders get beyond the B.S. and get results. Dedicated to make workplaces that are innovative and inspiring...especially for women.

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