Interview Materials for a Marketer

Professional Self Introduction

My name is Heather Keyes and I am among one of the many marketing majors at the University of Minnesota Duluth. My passion is using my creative thoughts to help marketers develop their perfect advertisement exactly how they envisioned it to be. I enjoy brainstorming unique ideas that will soon come to life and be seen by many, in hopes of successfully drawing people into the idea that started in my head.

S/TARS Examples

I was working at a title company and I was assigned to work with a coworker to go over some files and make sure that we had the correct paper work in order to close in time. My coworker was on their phone and was not doing their job for a majority of the time. I had to take charge and politely ask my coworker to put away their phone and to help me finish the assigned task. My coworker then apologized and realized how distracted they were and put their phone away for the remainder of the time. We finished going through all of the files in time, and I didn’t have any more issues with them.
I was assigned to be in a group for a school project for a semester. We had one leader assigned and they were put in charge of the group. We were supposed to meet once a week to work on our project but our group leader would never step up and make arrangements. I ended up mentioning to our leader that they needed to start taking charge of our group so that we could get our work done. They agreed with me and from then on, we did not have any more communication issues.
I was on a team for one of my classes, and each one of us were in charge of completing 3 different tasks in the next 20 minutes. Total, there were 15 tasks to be completed. One of our group members’ computer was updating during the entire duration, causing him to be unable to complete any of the tasks. We really needed to get every task completed in time so I decided that I would do all of mine as quickly as I could and have him start to write down the answers to his tasks so that I could type them on my computer when I was done with mine. We ended up completing the assignment in the last minute that we had left. It was stressful, but successful.
I was a closing assistant for a title company and we were doing about 5 closings a day. Everything was hectic and there seemed to have been a missing file of documents that was needed for the next closing. Everyone else was busy, so it was up to me to re-print out the needed documents. I had never done this before and I needed to find out which specific documents were needed in order to get this done. While greeting the clients who were here for the closing, I found a list and began to gather each of the needed documents in order. I ended up getting them ready just on time and they were in perfect order.