Studying Online

With all the technology we possess, we unfortunately have not found a way to input information straight to our brain. Thus, we are all forced to study and learn.

Although there’s no smart-zap ray, the internet is full of interesting ways to make learning more engaging and fun.

One great tool is called Quizlet. Quizlet is a free site where you can make and take quizzes on any topic you can come up with. There’s literally millions of quizzes to choose from; from anime to WW2 history, they’ve got it all.

Overall, it’s really easy to set up and is very accessible. You can sign up with your email, Facebook, or Google+ account. There’s even an app available so you can basically play around on it through your laptop or your phone.

It’s also a very simple set up. You just click the create button on the top right corner and it will bring you to this page.

As you can see, you just input your title and the terms and definitions you want to practice studying. Some cool features that they’ve included are the use of different languages, an addition of a voice recorder, and ability to insert pictures. This allows different learning types to enjoy the experience as well.

After you input all your terms and definitions, it will bring you to this page.

Another aspect that I enjoy from Quizlet, is that it’s not only just flashcards. You can test yourself the basic way or play games to learn faster. The two games they’ve included is Matching and Gravity.

Matching deals with a timer and the jumbled terms and definitions, which you have to drag and drop to get it right. It’s scored purely based on time, so the faster you are, the higher you rank.

Gravity is a “protect the planet from the asteroid” kind of game. Essentially, each asteroid can have either a term or definition, and to destroy that asteroid you need to type in the proper match. This is a lot more difficult if you’re using sentences or a long term, so think about minimizing your terms and definitions to get a more fun experience out of this game. With Gravity, it is point based. Thankfully, you have unlimited tries to destroy the asteroid, until it reaches the planet.

Now that you know more about Quizlet, give my demo a try. It focuses on the terms recently used in our EID100 class, from memes to html.

Happy Quizzing!