How to Make Your Monthly Friend a Little Bit Friendlier

Hi Ladies! Today’s post is on how to make your monthly friend a little bit friendlier. I know we all have wished for this one time or another.


Don’t worry girls. No more tears, No more wishing because our wishes have come true!

I’ve listed down below a few brands that offer organic tampons, menstrual cups and reusable pads. I know what you’re probably thinking, reusable pads??? How nasty can you be??? Like really? This is a real thing? (TF, WTH, AYFKM etc…) However, after reading this post I’m hoping I could kind of change your thoughts on the idea.

First, let’s start with the benefits of switching to organic tampons and/or reusable pads.

These benefits include:

  • Organic tampons are SAFER for your health – all around!!!
  • Reusable cups/pads SAVE you money! (Say hello to that new bag you’ve been eyeing)
  • Reusable pads come in so many cute designs and are super convenient.
  • All in all, switching over to these products are Good for your health, Good for the Planet, and Good for your pockets.

Read below on the brands I’ve chosen to list and all that they have to offer.


The honest Company was founded by actress turned Mogul Jessica Alba. It has grown to be a billion dollar company within the few years it’s been around and after you use their products, you will understand why. The Honest company offers these Organic tampons which are 100% cotton with a plant-based applicator. They retail for about $6.95 but the cool thing about this company is that they offer a monthly subscription to where you can have your tampons sent straight to your doorstep. Which saves you a trip to the store! I find that more and more feminine friendly companies are utilizing this feature. By the way, the packaging is so cute; so no worries about those nosy neighbors of yours wondering what package you just received.


LOLA is a company that offers Organic tampons with plastic applicators. What sets this company apart from the rest is that it is online based (or at least to my knowledge). Which means it’s a subscription service BUT for all my ladies who aren’t a fan of commitment; don’t worry. LOLA allows you to cancel, pause, and even skip a month at your own convenience because of course if you’re a feminine care company than you must know it’s essential that we have those options! How LOLA works is simple. You customize your package out of 18 light, regular, and/or super tampons. Then decide how many boxes you’d like to receive on a monthly basis. Select your shipment frequency and WAH-LAH. You are done!


This next company has to be one of my faves! The Kali box is the ultimate monthly subscription box your kitty kat could ask for. The Kali box includes all organic tampons, towelettes, and their signature mist – a rosewater facial toner/spray! Ahhhhhhh! The BEST! Every box is 100% biodegradable. KALI has a fewer bit more options than the last two brands mentioned. You can choose to receive the box monthly or bi-monthly. You also have the choice of a package with 32 tampons or one with 14. You can also adjust your subscription details. How awesome? I love KALI’s mission statement too. It’s always refreshing to read about a company and be able to tell that they really do care and put work into their products to best serve US gals!

A few more brands that offer Organic tampons that you can find in your local stores are Seventh Generation, and Natracare.

Now onto Cloth pads and menstrual cups. Let’s take a moment to do a little bit of math here. Just in case you were wondering how much you can save by switching to reusable pads…. here you go:

  • Average box of tampons – $7 at about 9 boxes per year
  • Average box of pantiliners – $6 at about 12 boxes per year
  • Approximate amount of money I have spent on cloth pads since the beginning – $200
  • Number of years on cloth instead of disposables – 12


GLADRAGS is a brand that specializes in reusable pads, as well as menstrual cups. They offer a galore of cute designs which come in day pads (light flows) and night pads (heavy flows), Thong-pads, and Post-Partum pads as well . OMG! They literally thought of everyone while creating this brand. This is probably the most cost efficient option too. What I like most about Gladrags is that they offer a cleaning & care kit for your products. Definitely, check them out!


LunaPads’ is like the super target for all cloth pads. That is the best way to describe Lunapads. They have the largest selection and inventory I’ve ever seen when it comes to reusable pads. Not only do they offer cloth pads but they also offer “Period Panties” and “The Diva Cup” on their website as well. Lunapads have a pad for almost every occasion. Plus, they have the cutest carrying pouches, so you can take your pads with you on the go!

““Menstrual cups have been around since the 1930s when women were searching for an alternative to the choices at the time. Yet, its breakthrough into the feminine hygiene industry is much more recent.””


On our journey to a find a friendlier monthly friend, it brings us to our next stop… The Diva Cup. The Diva Cup has been around for years (2001, if I have done my research right). The Diva Cup is the first menstrual cup that I personally heard about on my own by word of mouth from a friend. Feel free to visit there website which will tell you all about How It Works. Some features of the Diva Cup include: 12 hour leak protection, reusable, Eco friendly, no chemical, no latex, no plastic, no BPA, made from the highest quality health grade silicone, and was cleared for marketing by the US FDA. You can purchase the Diva Cup online and at your local CVS, or Walgreens. Go ahead and head over to their website to check out the product.


Our next and final menstrual cup is The LENA CUP! Voted the #1 starter cup, LENA guarantees you no sensation from the cup or stem. The Lena was designed with itch free and odor free protection. They definitely kept us active women in mind while making these cups because when you’re wearing the cup you can continue in active hobbies such as dancing, and/or swimming!!! Unlike the Diva Cup, the Lena Cup comes in two sizes. Small which is recommended for a normal flow and Large which is recommended for a heavy flow. They also have a cute, light pink tint to them but also no harmful chemicals or colors were used. I’ve also seen a turquoise color floating around on Instagram, However I did not see that option on their website. Regardless, how awesome is that? Now your pretty kitty can be just as stylish as you are! I personally think these cups are a GREAT investment. Find your LENA cup here.


Last but NOT least (cliche? i know right) She Thinx!!!!!!! This is a first I’ve heard or seen something of this sort. They are underwear with built in protection for your menstrual. Take a second to THINX about that ladies…. Amazeballs! As much as i’d love to tell you everything i love about them (which I’m going to do regardless) Why not check their cute website out here and see for yourself. OK, so this is how THINX works: when you period into the panties, the top layer will fight bacteria and absorb any liquid into the thin layer underneath it so you are ALWAYS DRY! Did you get that? This way you can wear these comfortably all day long. They’re reusable and are offered in many styles such as boy shorts, panties, hip hugger, high waist, sport, cheeky and thong. She thinx also offers you a percentage off when you tailor a set of undies to your very own cycle. Such a cute way to make it personal. Toast to the Gods for this one of a kind innovation. It’s official, I think She Thinx is my new Fave!

Thank you for reading this post.

Disclaimer: All opinions on these posts are my own.

About the Author: HeavenEmaan is a twenty – something year old living in Dallas, tx. Find more of her on Twitter and Instagram.

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