9 Tips to Get Beauty Parlour Look at Comfort of Home

It could be an anniversary, a wedding dinner to attend, or perhaps it’s your own special day — here are some beauty and personal care tips on primping and making yourself look your best for that special occasion!

1.Clear Your Tasks and Chart out Some Time to Relax

The last thing you’ll want is to stay up all night afore your sizably voluminous event because of unfinished work or pressing schedules. Plan your work early, delegate if compulsory and set aside some time to cosset yourself and relax on the days leading to the special occasion.

2.Eat well, And Drink More Water. Detoxify yourself.

You’ll feel preponderant on using different health products, rid toxins from your body and even your skin will commence to elucidate. Contrary to popular credence (and myths), imbibing water does not always mean you’ll get water retention — in fact, loading up on your H2O customarily will genuinely signal your body that you are imbibing enough, and that there’s no desideratum to retain water.

3.Don’t Forget To Give Your Face A Beauty Treats.

Ascertain you cleanse your face well to obviate clogged pores and reduce the possibility of pimples sprouting at least for a week, and treat your face to a mask often to ascertain that you have great skin and a great base for your make up to go on smoother.

4.Make-up- The Right Amount of It!

When the sun strikes, you can go for mineral make up. It lasts long in sweating conditions and the minerals render a natural glow to your skin. Don’t forget your sun-screen and ascertain your lips are always moisturized. Utilize a lip balm with SPF 15 to bulwark the colour of your lips.

5.Cleansing- The First Step for the Salon at Home Experience

Cleansing is of utmost paramount to weed out dirt and impurities off your skin. Wash your face with water an abundance of times a day. It abstracts the sweat and dirt particles from your skin. After washing your face, of all health products, make utilization of a cleansing milk or cleansing lotion for deep cleaning the pores of your skin.

6.Your Face

In winter utilize a lighter substructure than in summer — it shouldn’t be saliently a different colour to the rest of your skin when you apply it between the cheekbone and jaw. Then apply a very marginally more tenebrous colour over the nasal discerner, cheeks, chin and forehead to integrate a pulchritudinous subtly contrasting beauty tone.

7.Your Eyes

More tenebrous ocular shadow will deepen a hollow appearance — highlighting contours and lash-lines. Lighter eye shadows make key points stand out — giving a fresh look to eye lids and brow-bones. Brown mascara inclines to be more flattering as you get older and your skin tone changes. Blue mascara makes the whites of your eyes stand out more.


A matt finish engenders a more subtle, sophisticated, natural finish. Utilize a pearl lipstick or gloss to reflect the light to accentuate lips for a sultry look. More minute lips can be hyperbolized with a more effulgent colour, a more tenebrous colour will play down a fuller lip.

9.Savvy Tip

Moisturise your skin and sanction a minute for this to settle afore applying other health and beauty products. This makes it more facile to coalesce substructure in and evade caking.

Personal care is of utmost importance in getting that flawless look straight from the salon.