Our Certik Audit is complete!

  • The developers submit their code to Certik
  • Certik audits the code and sends back a preliminary report
  • The developers address any issues which Certik finds and send back a remediation report
  • Certik re-audits the code which has been remediated and send another report
  • Both teams agree to complete the audit


DAO-01 Compiler Version

HBD-01 Comments and Code

HBD-02 totalDebt could exceed maxDebt

HEC-01 _prefix are not private or internal

HSH-01 Unhandled Return Value

HSH-02 Missing Input Validation

HSH-03 Arbitrary Warmup Claims

HTH-01 Data Location can be changed from storage To calldata

SWH-01 Unchecked Value of ERC-20 transfer()/transferFrom() Call

In summary, funds are SAFU


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