Interactive Vowel Chart

Vowel charts are used to learn the pronunciation of vowels of foreign languages.

The idea is to build an interactive vowel chart (app or website) where you pronounce a vowel and it immediately gets displayed in the chart.

It could work as follows:

This way you would have a visual feedback of how well you are pronouncing.

This is a chart for English vowels but for other languages it would be similar, the vowels would just change their position in the chart.

On the one hand, the vertical axis represents the aperture of the jaw. The vowel i: (sheep) is at the top because the jaw is closed; whereas a: (car) is at the bottom because the jaw is completely open.

On the other hand, the horizontal axis represents the position of the tongue (from front to back).

I registered the domain as I might want to explore this idea. If you are interested in having a chat please contact me at