Anatomy of a Startup’s Logo Transformation

By Mike Kane, Master Sensei @Hedgeable

I am the co-founder of Hedgeable. In fact, yesterday was our 7th birthday! On April 7th, 2009 (at the height of the financial crisis) I started Hedgeable with my twin brother to democratize wealth management. Along the way, we have gone to great strides to update our logo with the changing times. Let’s take a look at the evolution of our logo.


This was our first logo back in 2009. Our goal was to provide a hedged portfolio in the wake of the financial crisis. The green represented a new path forward that was straight, away from the bumpy “red” ride of the previous few years. The alpha symbol represented our goal of providing long-term risk-adjusted growth for clients. Every portfolio is Hedgeable, no matter the size of the investor!


In 2012, we updated our green color to a new teal shade. This reflected the blue ocean that was emerging in financial technology — with new APIs, interest in new solutions coming from millennials, and digital shifts emerging in traditional wealth management. The teal represented endless possibilities and new innovation on the way.


In 2014, we updated our logo to include our hedgehog mascot. The spines of the hedgehog represented the protection against large portfolio losses that we try to build into the Hedgeable technology. When the hedgehog is threatened, it curls up into a ball, much like what Hedgeable does during bad market periods.


We have been distressed with trends we have seen in FinTech over the last few years. Our brethren are increasingly acting like the firms they were started to disrupt! Majority ownership by banks, cozying up to Wall Street, even lobbying on Capital Hill (as seen during the DOL Fiduciary debate by Betterment and Wealthfront) — with the new stranglehold of the old guard on startups, the problems in the financial industry are only getting worse.

We felt it was time to take a stand. Our newly designed “H” represents a dramatic slashing of Wall Street’s ways by our ninjas and samurais. You will see this new symbol throughout the platform, our upcoming iOS app, company materials, and more. We will continue to fight for you and work to be the most disruptive firm in the industry!

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Mike is the Master Sensei of Hedgeable — the only private wealth platform for millennials.

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