Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

By Kaylin Zeuske: Hedgeable Ninja

My lucky dart hit (…well, nearly hit) Indonesia and I’m headed to the capital city of Jakarta to report on their high growth real estate market. First let’s take a snapshot look at Indonesia, Jakarta, and what I’m most looking forward to on my visit!

This will be my first trip to Asia and as the 5th largest country in the world with over 250 billion people, I’m excited that Indonesia will be my first experience in Asia. Jakarta is situated on the island of Java (yes, origin of the Java man) where the majority of the population lives. It’s the world’s largest archipelago and lies right on the equator. Unfortunately, my visit will be during the rainy season so I’ll be packing my rain gear!

“Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” meaning “unity in diversity” is Indonesia’s motto. Indonesia is a unique country for several reasons. It was first colonized by the Dutch and was occupied most recently by Japan during World Word II. There are hundreds of distinct native ethnic groups, with the largest being Javanese. Muslims make up 90% of the population and it’s the world’s largest Muslim-majority country. On the flipside, this percentage is completely reversed in Bali with almost 85% of the population being Balinese Hindu. I hope to visit Bali during my travels as well to report on this dichotomy.

Indonesia has a young democracy and recently elected a new president in July. Joko Widodo was recently sworn into office for a 5 year term. I’m curious to see how his election and potential changes in policy could impact their real estate market.

As a foodie, trying new flavors and discovering new foods is one of the most exciting parts of traveling. With so many influences from across the globe, from China, Europe, Middle East, and India, I can’t wait I can’t even fathom the plethora of flavors I will experience. I’ve been reading about (and hope to try) the Betawi snack— kerek telor— which is a spicy omelet made with rice, eggs, fried shredded coconut, and dried shrimp.

Stay tuned for more reports about Indonesia’s and Jakarta’s economy, culture, politics, and more!

Kaylin Zeuske is a Hedgeable Ninja on the marketing team. Follow us @hedgeable.

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