G’Day Mate

By Benedict McLaughlin: Hedgeable Samurai

I am very excited to be given the opportunity to travel to Australia as part of Hedgeable’s “Musings of the Intercontinental Investor” educational program.

Australia has always fascinated me with its exotic wildlife, its stunning natural beauty made famous by world heritage sites like the Great Barrier Reef and its aboriginal culture that brought us (my favorites) the boomerang and didgeridoo.

I was of course, also a big fan of the Crocodile Dundee movies growing up and have always had an appreciation for the accent. Australia is truly a riveting and very unique continent and I am delighted to be able to discover what makes it tick through this blog series.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to explore all things Australian with me. Over the next few months, each of my posts will cover different topics about the country including its geography, history, culture and politics.

As I get closer to my departure date, I will focus on the Australian economy as a whole and then zero in on certain issues that could have serious implications on the future direction of it. I will investigate these issues on the ground and take you with me for the ride.

I hope to make us more informed and educated investors with this series and of course have a lot of fun doing it! I thought that I would conclude the introductory post of the Australian series by giving you a snapshot of my background to give you some insight into how I perceive the world.

I was very fortunate to have been raised and educated on four continents. This was a very eye opening experience that really instilled the travel bug in me at an early age and provided me with a deep appreciation for different cultures.

My upbringing has provided me with an advantage because we live in an increasingly interconnected world. One in which a seemingly isolated event in a small distant country can actually have serious ramifications for us at home.

We are all part of the same global economy today and it is crucial that we understand the characteristics that make countries unique and listen to the different opinions that are voiced. As investors, it will simply be impossible for us to be successful without a global perspective and it is our goal at Hedgeable to do our part to inform and help our investors enhance their global education.

Benedict McLaughlin is a Hedgeable Samurai in charge of digital marketing. Follow us @hedgeable.

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