#BurkiniBan — a womans right.

Summer is here and people are flocking out to the beach in style. From two piece bikinis, tight fitting one pieces to all covering burkinis. This mixture in style gives every women the comfort and right to be who they want to be especially within a public domain. Neither one is threatening to another person, but it’s being made a threat by people in power.

Recently all over the media a woman on the beach in France is being forced by armed police to take off her burkini in front of the public as it somehow causes a ‘threat’ to the people around her. She is being made an example of by people in power who are creating a fear in the common man about anything and anyone wanting to cover up. This ‘threat’ is having the wrong effect; as instead of the French authorities creating fear for Islam and Muslims, it is showing rights being taken away from a woman. It is instilling that even now within the 21st century the western developed countries are holding women down for their beliefs. They are not allowing women to be who they want to be.

The western world holds its head high for freedom and equality. Not only that but it stands against oppressors of any kind. So then how is the world sitting back and watching this oppression taking place in their back garden? How are we sitting still and allowing people in power to take away freedom? From taking away the right to wear the veil to then controlling a woman’s act of modest clothing, France is beginning to control women like a section of society that forces a women to cover.

Women are free just like men. Throughout time they have been oppressed in one form or another. Now that they are taking a stand, gaining freedom to do and wear what they want, they should not be held back. A persons identity isn't just the clothes on their back, it is their personality — clothes however worn allow the woman inside to be comfortable and secure. So why take that away from her?

The world should not be afraid of women in modest clothing of any kind. Instead they should look at it as freedom of choice. If she was oppressed by her clothing she would never have been on the beach that day. We as a society need to understand that covering up in any form does not stop the person inside from succeeding and nor does it cause a ‘threat’ to the people around them. So lets not go backwards, instead lets look at stopping the real oppressors in the world — including the ones within the western power worlds.

Image by Independent / AFP / Getty Images