The Heel Debate

Something that women have been doing for years has now finally been brought into the spotlight and is showing the world the difference in gender stereotyping within the workplace.

As a woman, when going to work I always found at the back of my head a need to put on heels and when I did I found a difference in the way I was viewed by my colleagues and employees. Yes it makes you look taller, more slender and in some peoples view more ‘professional’ but in all honesty I love my flats at work. In all my jobs I have had to be on my feet for a majority of the day and if I did not have the option to go between heels and flats, I think I would have died.

This stereotyping that women who wear heels are more serious about their professional life is absolute rubbish. How is cramping feet in the middle of the day, tight toes and aching legs making you more ‘serious’ about your work? Do men have to wear ‘man heels’ to look more serious or professional? I don’t think so.

Companies forcing their employees to follow certain dress codes that will cause health issues in the long run need to be stopped. When all companies have health guidelines to follow then a simple thing like appropriate shoes should be a choice of the employee rather than the employer. Something so basic is being overlooked and has been for a very long time.

I am quite impressed by employees that are taking a stand and even some employers that are doing the same. Personally I love the latest Stylist video on experimenting with their male employees to wear heels for the day in order to show them what women go through. It’s not only quite funny to watch how they struggle but it also brings up an important point and opens up the eyes of the opposite gender that a simple task of surviving the day at work is made so difficult by unsuitable shoes.

This heel debate is long overdue and am happy that it is finally out there so that no woman is ‘forced’ into wearing something that she is either uncomfortable about or made to feel insecure about the way she looks on a daily basis when at work.

By Heena C Khan

Image by Greatist

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