The Power of A Blog and a Brand


Your company does an excellent job executing their website on a mobile device. As soon as you reach the website it is a perfect fit to your users mobile screen. Rather than the navigation bar scanning the whole length of your computer screen, the mobile website has a simple to use navigation bar that drops down with one click. This drop down box displays all the different options to search: New, Outdoor, Furniture, Art & Wall Decor, Mirrors, Etc. Next to the navigation bar there’s a search bar, still fitting within your mobile screen asking the viewer “What can we help you find?” This makes browsing your website for a specific item extremely easy.

Along with the search bar, and the navigation drop down box, you include your “Deal of The Day” right on the screen for easy access, as well as an esthetically pleasing visual. This visual grabs the attention of the customer who may not have been initially in the hunt for a new lamp until they saw the great deal. This opens the opportunity for the customer to engage in the website. Rather than heading to the website, and going directly to the product they were in search of. This may draw the customer in to actually take the time and browse. I believe Kirkland’s did a great job getting the most necessary items displayed in their smaller mobile website view.

If I would recommend changing one thing about your mobile website, it would be including access to your blog. I believe that your blog is huge in grasping the attention of your intended target audience. Rather than only directing individuals who access your website to make a purchase — allowing for easy access to your blog through your mobile website will get more foot traffic to the website. Most importantly by the individuals who already follow your blog, or the individuals who found your blog in correlation to the hash tags they searched. This will ultimately gain more mobile website viewers, even if it means they’re only accessing the website to get to the blog. Although making a purchase may not be their first plan of action when they get to the website, at that point when they see the “Deal of the Day” they may actually visit the deal, or end up browsing similar items.

Blog posts are a huge part of this generation, and keeping a positive reach and interaction with your target audience. With that being said, with easy accessibility to your blog through all sources you increase chances of reaching the proper market. Although this generation is social media driven, and linked by one social media site to the other, the important thing to realize is the importance of accessibility. Although we know where to grasp our audience, the thing we need to keep in mind is how much time we have to really make an impact on them with our brand. You guys have done a great job taking the use of your main website, and making a simple link directly taking the viewer to your blog. Your blog page then lists post after post of easy DIY projects, where viewers can learn how to create fun designs in their home created by them. Fun decorating tips, where viewers can learn how to take Kirkland’s products and properly display them in their homes to get the look and feel they had hoped for. And functional accessories, that get their viewer thinking about what addition they can add to spaces in their homes that will appeal to the eye, yet keep their space functional.

In addition to the high volume of blog readers benefiting you! Through you’re blog, you’re ultimately attracting your audience or your customers based on their needs, interests, and opinions. What more could a brand ask for, why spend tons of money to attract an audience or reach an audience that’s not even interested in your product or brand. With the use of inbound and content marketing — such as the blog — you can reach your target audience by correlating your brand with individual’s recent posts, social media sites, search engine history, or commonly used hash tags. Kirkland’s can place its marketing content where they know their target market resides, rather its displayed after the use of certain hash tags, or displayed after certain words are searched in search engines.

Thankfully your brand already has a great website up and running. With that being said adjusting your mobile website to allow for a link to your blog should be an easy, low cost, beneficial fix! I believe this will lead Kirkland’s to a larger array of marketing!