Make America Great Again (Democractic Stump Speech)

Make America Great Again. Make. America. Great. Again.

Just four words. Heck, they even fit on a baseball cap.

But they tell you everything you need to know about Donald Trump.

He believes that at some point we stopped being great. That we lost our way. And that the road back is to take our population back to the 1800s and our economy back to the 1960s.

Well, I don’t know about you, but when I tell my kids about America I don’t tell a story about a nation that lurches backwards. And it sure isn’t the story that I want to tell to my grandkids.

Instead I want to tell the story of a nation that since its beginning has had an identity, a destiny, a dream. A dream that has called us to constantly seek new terrain, uncaring of the obstacles before us; confident that we can succeed regardless of what we encounter.

It is dream of freedom and economic prosperity backed by an awesome military force to protect it that has only ever marched forward.

That is the story of Thomas Jefferson’s independence. Of Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation. And of John F. Kennedy’s aiming for the moon.

Those were dreams. Those were destinies.

And compared with their bright light Mr. Trump’s conception of greatness is small and it is dark. It is putting up walls and separating families. It is a dream filled with fear and disconnection. With division and hatred.

When have those feelings ever defined America?

The Civil Rights Act did not aim to divide. The New Deal didn’t speak to fear. They were born out of unity and hope. They were big ideas worthy of this proud nation.

Now, there is a choice coming this November. When we get to decide the dream that we want for this nation. What her destiny will be.

My choice is not to step backwards but to move forwards. To look ahead and find those ideas that our grandchildren will learn about in school. Ideas that will inspire at home and abroad.

Ideas like extending gay rights, transgender rights. Continuing the long war against racial divide that we began so long ago but have failed to conclude. Building on our ideas of freedom and not settling until we have full equality and true liberty.

My choice is improving access to healthcare so our people are healthy and ready to work. It is providing the best education for our children so they can succeed against their competitors abroad. It is recognizing that our economy has evolved and our strength is no longer in the steel mill but in Silicon Valley.

My choice is to protect our people. To reduce the number that die at the end of a firearm whether held by a civilian, a police officer or our enemies abroad. It is understanding that the responsibility of the world’s strongest military is to know when and how to fight. But that when we make that decision that we are able to deploy an arsenal that will end any threat that we encounter.

My choice is to take the ideas that have defined us and use them to walk bravely into our future.

Our destiny is to lead the free world, to be the light in the dark, the dream that all other nations chase.

I will not accept that we ever stopped being great. That we need a failed business man to restore a dream that our founding fathers gave to us.

I instead believe that we are still great, we have always been great and we will always be great.

God bless you. And God bless these United States of America.