How to Trade your BNT on MyEtherWallet (v1.4)
Asaf Shachaf


  1. I sent allmost all my amount/fund/eth to the EtherContractAddress. Where can i see it arrived there? Is there a wallet or do you hold and wait until i changed it to btn?
  2. Followed step 2 and 3. I think i got the amount i sent to EtherContract right and in wei.
  3. then a window pops up that wants to know another amount. tipped the same amount and a gas of 150000.
  4. by accepting a red stripe says i have not enough eth left for gas but it´s 0.159 actually. so now? my money is anywhere and i can´t finish your advise to point 6 :D please help. doesn´t feel good to have a thousand dollars anywhere.
  5. good luck with your project i´d like to hodl and watch it growing (the project, not the token ;) thanks