Twenty-Five Dollars for my 25th Birthday

In short: I’m matching your donations up to $250 to support Crisis Text Line. Click here to give!:

In the last year, I’ve taken up an interest in mental health issues because it’s something that has had a huge impact on me, on my friends, and on my family over the years. In that time, I’ve learned so much about self-care, access to mental health services, and the various conditions that people struggle with mostly on their own. That’s why I got involved six months ago with Crisis Text Line, an amazing nationwide organization that offers free 24/7 crisis counseling by text message to people who are struggling in life. Whether you’re dealing with drug addiction, depression, death in the family, or a bad breakup, Crisis Text Line matches texters with a kind and compassionate crisis counselor who has been trained to listen and bring people in crisis to a cooler, calmer place.

My 25th birthday is a week from today on March 9 and my birthday wish is $25 from each of you. At 25, I have everything that is wanted or needed in life — no quarter-life crisis here. So, if you like me enough that you’d buy me drinks for my birthday or take me out to dinner, I hope you’ll think about directing that money toward this cause (I’m a cheap date so $25 is how much you’d probably spend on my birthday anyway). You’ll be supporting millions of people who need the potentially life-saving help that Crisis Text Line heroically offers every single day. I see it firsthand as a counselor every week and I see it in the texters who say they’ve never been told they were strong or that they’d never believe they could make it through their problems until they had reached out to text the crisis line. I know I could have used a service like Crisis Text Line during the many challenges I’ve faced in life but because I know so many empathetic, generous, and loving people, I persevered and I am able to be who I am and do what I do.

So here’s the deal: I’m setting a modest goal of raising $500 for Crisis Text Line by midnight on my birthday. If you guys contribute $250, I will also give $250. That’s right: I will match your donations for my birthday so that we end up funding an hour of counseling on the Crisis Text Line platform. I’m confident we can meet this goal and I hope we exceed it. If you guys are feeling really generous, $1000 would fund one person to go through 6 weeks of crisis counselor training. Wouldn’t that be so awesome? I am a working man and like many of you have bills and rent and student loans and other things to pay for but donating to a cause I really believe in is one of the few times where I’m happy to part with my money.

My birthday wish is more than achievable and there’s an entire week to make it happen. Please give! The link is right here: Send me an email at with the amount you’ve given and your current mailing address so I can tally up the donations and send you a proper thank-you note. If you don’t want to donate, I hope you’ll pay a visit to the Crisis Text Line and think about volunteering. I would be more than happy to give you a recommendation. Let’s fill the world with some love and kindness.