10.10. is the World Mental Health Day, so here is 10 user stories about mental well-being and people who encounter their emotional monsters on Heimo.

1. How to change the way I think

There’s something going on in my mind that I can’t control. When there’s a problem, I think of ending my life right away! …

Heimo is the social media for life challenges, where people are able to tell their untellable stories.

Heimo’s CEO & Big Man Jarno Alastalo is making an Asia tour 12.10.-17.11.2016 and looking for media/marketing partners and investors.

🇹🇼 Taipei, Taiwan (12.10.-15.10.2016)
🇨🇳 Shanghai and SLUSH Shanghai, China: (estimate dates: 29.10.- 3.11.2016)
🇯🇵 Fukuoka, Japan (estimate dates: 12.11.- 17.11.2016)

Epic problem that Heimo is solving

Lifting up a few blogs that have told about Heimo ❤️

“Filipinos are in general very social and hospitable, so no wonder this site was taken over by most, the Filipinos.”

“This site has been very helpful to me even until now that I have overcame my anxiety and depression…

Heimo Community

Heimo is the social media for life challenges. It is about being able tell about your true feelings and thoughts. Sharing the untellable stories safely.

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