10.10. is the World Mental Health Day, so here is 10 user stories about mental well-being and people who encounter their emotional monsters on Heimo.

1. How to change the way I think

There’s something going on in my mind that I can’t control. When there’s a problem, I think of ending my life right away! Even with things that I know will be alright, my mind still tells me that it’ll be better if I’m not going to exist anymore.

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2. I can’t tell my mom, I don’t want to add more worries for her.

My friend and I researched, we had no choice, I can’t go to a doctor since my mom doesn’t know, please tell me my conclusions…

Guest blog from Dennis Relojo, the Creator of Psychreg.

Anger is a universal topic that we can all connect with as it is simply a fact of life. We all get angry; it’s natural, but anger turns itself into a problem when it becomes too strong, happens too often, lasts too long, affects relationships, or even work. We should act on it before it leads to violence or aggression.

Here are some ways to effectively manage anger:

  1. Understand it. The first step toward addressing our anger is to understand it. Well, it is difficult to address anger if you can’t identify what triggered it in the first place. In…

There are billions of stories that are never told. Stories that are too hard to tell or there is no-one who would listen or understand. Shame and stigma are huge problems causing mental health issues. According to WHO, 30% of the population worldwide will have some form of mental disorder at some point of their life. 66% of those people receive no treatment. Massive and untapped market.

In the Southeast Asia, mental health has been a low priority. There are massive workforce deficiencies: for example, in the Philippines there are only 460 psychiatrists for population of 100 million inhabitants (WHO).

Heimo has been featured in two media in Inquirer. Inquirer is reaching tens of millions of Pinoys ever week, so this is big thing for us!


“My survival story” on Heimo

There is one man, Yukio Shige, who is patrolling Japanese cliffs and preventing suicides. He is there when people need most a helping hand. Heimo’s mission is to do same online.

Everyone of us has a story that we haven’t been able to tell to others. Sometimes it can lead to loneliness, stress and depression. But in worst case it can even lead putting end to your life, when you feel that there is no other solution to your misery.

Heimo is the social media for life challenges. It is the place where you can share stories that you are…

“The Finnish developers of a new social media platform aimed at tackling cyberbullying have been surprised by its rapid uptake in Asia.

Cyberbullying has become a global issue in recent, years leading to suicides and human rights concerns.”

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Heimo is the social media for life challenges, where people are able to tell their untellable stories.

Heimo’s CEO & Big Man Jarno Alastalo is making an Asia tour 12.10.-17.11.2016 and looking for media/marketing partners and investors.

🇹🇼 Taipei, Taiwan (12.10.-15.10.2016)
🇨🇳 Shanghai and SLUSH Shanghai, China: (estimate dates: 29.10.- 3.11.2016)
🇯🇵 Fukuoka, Japan (estimate dates: 12.11.- 17.11.2016)

Epic problem that Heimo is solving

Emonsters of Heimo.co

Everyone has own monsters. We make our own monsters. Each monster looks different and they walk in different sizes. Everyone see them in different ways.

We are people with different experiences and monsters.

If you run away, monster will follow. But if you accept it and make it as a friend, it will be forever grateful to you. Monster won’t bother you when you are friends. It does not scare you or take away your good night sleep’s. Monster is always present, but it will respect you. When you promise that you will take a monster into account, it will…

Lifting up a few blogs that have told about Heimo ❤️

“Filipinos are in general very social and hospitable, so no wonder this site was taken over by most, the Filipinos.”

“This site has been very helpful to me even until now that I have overcame my anxiety and depression. I found and met new friends even in their anonymity.

I hope this post would bring you happiness as much as I do. We might bump into each other in this community. Please say hi.

Isn’t their website such a cutie? Plus there’s this panda… uhh, wait. I love pandas!!!”

Heimo Community

Heimo is the social media for life challenges. It is about being able tell about your true feelings and thoughts. Sharing the untellable stories safely.

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