Team requests

Yesterday from 1:00 pm EST to 4:00 am EST I received business requests, worked with business owners to improve the requests, helped the businesses get doc&l approved, helped businesses find a spot at the mall and I spent an hour trying to format all the business requests onto forum threads.

10 hours later, I wake up and find nay’s with the most stupid reasons attached to them.

Lets go over each stupid reason…

BS:“We have enough clothing stores at Vegas”

A: WRONG! This is the only clothing store that applied for a spot at the mall.

BS:“Don’t come to LVCC when you have one member. We need to let the groups in that worked hard to gain members in, not 1–3 member groups.”

A: WRONG AGAIN! NO big businesses applied for a spot at the mall all of the team requests are from people who applied.

BS:”Zeyad is in the group name”

A: SO?! What is this supposed to mean????

BS:“Vegas Chicken is already getting a team and place we don’t need Zeyad’s Fried Chicken”

A:WRONG! (partially)Vegas Chicken applied for the spot near the LVMPD station not inside the mall!

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