Helbiz-Monday update

An update on HelbizGo and App Store submission


We are closing in on the Italian launch of HelbizGo, after 1 month in Milan we will scale to a couple of cities in Italy and Europe but due to global competition we will not mention any exact dates or places at this time.

Any future launches will be announced a few days in advance.


Last week the HelbizGo scooters were officially presented on the streets of Milan during the fashionweek giving the local population an opportunity to interact with the platform, scooters and apps through our hostesses.

In addition this week the Italian Helbiz team moved into its offices in Milan which will serve as the base for the current european operation.


Helbiz intends to launch in the US in the near future and has already scheduled meetings with local officials of New York City during September to discuss the possible implementation of HelbizGo.

Product / App

The functionality of the Helbiz app is fully finished, and the team is currently only working on setting up various notifications and payment systems before submitting the application to the app store this week.

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