Helbiz — Monday Update

Update on the product, new markets and team expansion


Over the weekend the Helbiz application was submitted to the app store after having significantly improved the communication between scooter and server as well as the overall server infrastructure optimizing it for seamless scaling. Once the application is approved by Apple both the iOS and the android application will be made public as both platforms will be launched simultaneously enabling users in Milano to utilize the Helbiz inventory.

Depending on the approval process we expect users will be able to use and rent scooters within the next 2 weeks.

Several members of the Helbiz team have spent the last 10 days in Hong Kong and China finalizing details of an acquisition of an established P2P & B2C sharing platform, working with local manufacturers of various hardware assets for the HelbizP2P and Pay ecosystem, creating prototypes of future sharing scooters as well as securing additional custom inventory for HelbizGo for its European expansion.


The European team continues to grow both from an operational and strategic perspective and with the intention to launch HelbizGo in Spain by the end of November we have brought on a country manager dedicated to Spain who have established relationships with government officials enabling us to expedite licensing processes and work directly with the authorities to in partnership create a solution that seamlessly blend in and extend the public transportation network for the general public.

The Italian operation has, led by our Country Manager Luca Mazzetta, over the last few weeks made an active effort to educate and work with local communities, officials and governments leading public conversations on green urban mobility and social responsibility.

Below it is possible to see Luca Mazzetta speak on Helbiz at E Mob 2018.


The US office is currently working directly with a local transportation branch on securing a license for HelbizGo in one of the largest and most dense cities in the USA, which is intended to be the HelbizGo introduction to America.

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