Helbiz-Monday Update

An update on the past week and current status of the HelbizGo platform and launch


The V1.0 of the HelbizGo application is overall finished and last weekend the team presented the platform and product for a series of individuals and government officials during the Ambrosetti forum in Italy and over the last 7 days, guests of the Bulgari Hotel in Milano have been able to beta-test both the application and scooters.

Over the last week, the development team has worked on optimizing the commands and communication between app, scooter, IOT device, and cloud servers, while this week is devoted to setting up the microservers, testing the geo-fencing and area-specific controls. 
Once microservers have been set up the team will conduct an overall stress test of the platform before submitting the iOS app to the App Store. It is Helbiz’s expectation to submit the application by the end of the week and once the application has been submitted we will update the entire community.

The electric scooter inventory for Milano is expected to arrive within the next 2 weeks. Once the inventory is received all scooters will be added to our servers and made available to the public as soon as the app is added to the App Store. After launch Helbiz will start focusing on its marketing efforts.

Launch Plan & Licenses

HelbizGo will launch in Milano within the next couple of weeks. To prepare for the launch and operation of HelbizGo the local team has signed a new office and warehouse lease and will be moving into the new Italian Helbiz offices this week. The office will house the local operation, fleet management, and European strategic partnership division.

In addition, the team has over the last week met with several government officials and strategic partners in Milan and started conversations in an effort to obtain licenses to quickly scale the HelbizGo platform and grow the user base and awareness.

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