Helbiz — Monday Update

This week’s update will focus on the hardware synchronization progress, AMA announcement with CEO Salvatore Palella as well as the buy back.

Helbiz Carsharing
We have the first Helbiz hardware unit in house and the dev team is currently working on fully synchronizing the hardware with the Helbiz application, a small bug related to the communication between app and hardware required the development team to dedicate Wednesday to Sunday to get it fixed. The week will involve significant testing of the hardware followed by the installation in an official Helbiz vehicle next week to begin roadtesting in Los Angeles with a team dedicated to optimizing and fine tuning the interaction between app, device and car. This particular vehicle will be branded and displayed around Los Angeles with a few team members both to educate the public and encourage sign ups.

The Helbiz team is simultaneously working with, and looking to expand, its network of independent mechanics in and around Los Angeles to help accommodate the amount of hardware installations in the months to come. Currently installation routines, installation scheduling and internal software are being developed, optimized and documented to ensure that we are building a scaleable business early on so that we can grow quickly and cost effectively.

Chat with CEO Salvatore Palella
The Helbiz team will arrange an official Ask Me Anything (AMA) directly with Salvatore Palella to allow our community to talk directly to the CEO of Helbiz ahead of launch to learn more about the project, vision and him personally.

The AMA with CEO Palella will be live on the official Helbiz Telegram channel within the next two weeks — the exact time will be announced on all social channels several days ahead of the event.

Do not miss this opportunity to speak to the person behind the Helbiz vision.

Helbiz is focused on the long-term success of the Helbiz Coin (HBZ). The team and its large investors are confident in the progress that has been made, both on the software and hardware front, and encourage the community to see the value of what is being created.

The Helbiz team is looking to purchase $1m (USD) of HBZ off the open market, to strengthen the company’s position both internally and to new investors . The Helbiz carsharing platform is set to be released to the public next month bringing incentivized organic demand to HBZ. After the launch of the carsharing platform the following launch of HelbizPay will further allow for HBZ coins to be spent globally with ease, both in stores and online, independent of technical expertise. The utility will increase rapidly in the near future and due to the significantly increased utility and level of demand on launch we have decided to enlarge our reserves.

Employees of Helbiz believe in the long term vision of the project and have for the same reason opted to be partially compensated in HBZ tokens. The HBZ buy back provides us with an opportunity to enlarge the reserves both to serve institutional investors, platform growth and employees in the years to come.

The buy back of up to $1m (USD) of $HBZ has already slowly started and will continue to take place from the various markets where Helbiz is listed and will continue over the following weeks depending on market opportunity until the launch of the application.

Token delivery 
ALL tokens from presale and ICO have now been delivered, no more investor deliveries will take place from the main Wallet and the circulating supply on CoinMarketCap does now match the actual circulating supply mentioned weeks ago.

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