Helbiz — Monday Update

Update on last weeks progress on product, team and launch preparations


Members of the executive team is currently in Serbia working directly with Helbiz’s mobility developers on the mobility platform, testing and fine tuning the application ahead of launch.

Additional hardware has been shipped to Europe and set up to scale up the testing as the team has decided to update the backend architecture including setting up tens of thousands of microservers for the integrated 4G devices to ensure a smooth and reliable platform that is highly optimized for scaling.

The reliability and speed from a global perspective has been the mean reason for improving the backend architecture and slightly modifying the on-board 4G units, before moving forward with a larger operation to install the units in partner fleets and private vehicles.

This week the registration of private vehicles will be opened up to the public as an initial step towards the upcoming platform launch.

The registration link will be announced in a separate medium article this week.


With the initial launch approaching Helbiz is focused on growing its team in both the US and Europe in an effort to work with strategic partners, and set up the regulatory infrastructure to ensure quick and smooth scaling of the platform once launched.

Over the last week several employees have been added to the team.

Carlos Beltran — Lead Blockchain Engineer NYC

Carlos will be working directly with Helbiz insurance partners, in the US and Italy, on developing new pay-as-you-go smart contract based insurance products tailored for the automotive rental industry as well as being a part of the team building the HelbizPay platform.

Carlos will join the Helbiz team with an extensive knowledge of Solidity, web3.js, Truffle, OpenZeppelin, Oraclize, Ruby, Rails, Javascript ES6, and React with previous building both Ethereum payment channel implementation and ERC20 geo-location protocols.

Prior to joining Helbiz Carlos was a Software Engineer with Aircall, a Cloud based call center software and call center app with Cloud Telephony Integrations, and Incubotor, a proprietary chatbot platform and conversational applications on Facebook Messenger.

Gian Luca SprianoInternational Business Development NYC

Gian Luca will be leading the business development in the US and Europe, opening and leading conversations with strategic partners, government legislators and Insurance companies to build the infrastructure needed for Helbiz to continue its expansion across continents.

Gian Luca is a French Italian with a background in Law and ten years of experience in the Green Energy market focused on innovation, new technologies and international development which lead him to working at the United Nations in the Executive office of the Secretary-General exploring projects related to the development of the blockchains in the UN System.

In addition to the two NYC hires, Helbiz has expanded its European branch and is currently on-boarding 2 junior developers that will be devoted to the mobility platform once fully integrated.

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