Helbiz — Monday Update

The Helbiz team is rounding off its European tour. The past week included several meetings with the Italian based Hardware manufacturer, followed by a press event for selected members of the European press in Milano.

Car lock Hardware

Helbiz met with its hardware manufacturer this week to see the final prototype of the onboard hardware to be installed inside all vehicles on the Helbiz car sharing platform. Production of the initial batch has now been initialized to produce the units for the Los Angeles launch in July.

The device will be professionally installed by Helbiz mechanics on site, a process that currently takes 40–45min. The Helbiz technician will connect the hardware directly to the lock mechanism, OBD-II port as well as the headlights to be used as its main power source. The onboard device cleverly conserves energy when there are no upcoming bookings to ensure minimum power usage without exhausting the battery of the car.

The installed on-board devices allows for seamless wireless control of lock mechanisms, direct communication with our frontend servers and collection of diagnostics and car data pulled from the internal systems to track fuel efficiency and consumption, miles driven, driving behaving, speed, revolutions, logs, routes, fault codes, GPS, impact etc.

The first unit will be shipped next week to our offices in NYC where we will have the device fitted and tested in a Helbiz car — after installation and synchronizing the hardware with the Helbiz application we will show videos of the car to be shared with the community.

The Helbiz car will furthermore be the demo car to be used for promotional purposes in the future. We are looking to bring it to conferences and events where the community outside of Los Angeles will be able to test the Helbiz system.

The onboard device consists of a multi-processor core (TeseoIII & Telemaco2) with integrated accelerometer and gyroscope, Low energy Bluetooth , a modem and GPS Receiver with integrated antennas.

Length : 4.21 inch
Width: 2.4 inch
Height: 0.57 inch
Weight: 4.2 ounces
Memory: 128MB Flash / 64MB RAM

Press Event Milano

Monday June 4th, Helbiz hosted a press lunch for selected members of the European press at The Bulgari Hotel in Milano representing well renowned publications. The team shared an in-depth presentation of the two platforms, HelbizP2P and HelbizPay highlighting the technological advantages and how we differentiate from current competitors, followed by an open discussion on carsharing, cryptocurrencies and technology in general where Helbiz shared a first look of the actual hardware, strategy and iOS applications.

Legal Action

Over the last couple of weeks several individuals have tried to scam the community using the name of Helbiz, including fake airdrops, bounty campaigns and emails. Please be aware that all airdrop & bounty campaigns have ended and any information saying otherwise is fake and that no company would ever ask for your private key.

Our lawfirm, Reinhardt LLP, has already taken legal action against several individuals with success and will continue to sue to ensure that no one tries to misuse the name of Helbiz.

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