Helbiz — Monday Update

An in-depth status of the current state of the project, roadmap, and milestones in the upcoming months including the management’s thoughts regarding several key areas

With development progressing, launch approaching, new transportation verticals been introduced, and the car 4G modules being modified we are dedicating this Monday update to share an in-depth status of the current state of the project, roadmap, and milestones in the upcoming months including the management’s thoughts regarding several vital areas involving HBZ, the growth of the platform and introduction of HBZ.

Helbiz App

Helbiz App V1.0 — HelbizGO

The version V1.0 of the Helbiz application to will launch on iOS and Android at the end of September. Due to the delay in finalizing the car hardware, the team decided to shift focus to first build, launch and optimize HelbizGo while continuing to test and optimize the 4G car module on the side before finalizing the development for the carsharing. HelbizGo is a new green and electric scooter sharing platform allowing Helbiz users to unlock electric scooters all over cities globally directly from within the Helbiz app in a dockless free-floating model.

HelbizGo is a part of the mobility ecosystem offering cheap, flexible and efficient intra-urban transportation, reducing traffic congestion, promoting healthy living and solving the all-important challenge of the first and last mile.

After a few updates of HelbizGo, the focus of the dev team will return to building the V2.0 integrating the Helbiz Carsharing platform.

HelbizGo will launch in Milano, Italy, whereafter it will expand to several other cities in Europe in the months to come.


Helbiz App V2.0 — Helbiz Carsharing + HelbizGO

The carsharing platform will be introduced in the V2.0 of the Helbiz App, planned for December, after the successful launch and expansion of the V1.0 with scooter sharing.

Once scaling up the testing of a network of units, through a multiple car simulators we identified a few issues which needed to be fixed for the safety and reliability in specific scenarios. The problems mean the hardware will need to be modified and has currently been shipped to Serbia for upgrades to happen in collaboration with our engineering team. Once the Helbiz 4G module has been optimized, the V1.5 of the unit will be shipped to LA for testing once again. Currently, installation in Helbiz CEO Salvatore Palella’s private car is estimated for October.

Helbiz will begin the installation of the Helbiz 4G module in pre-signed up vehicles and commercial partners in November, as the team will focus more on partnerships with boutique car rental companies in the following months putting their entire inventory on the Helbiz platform.

After November’s installation of hardware the soft launch of the Helbiz is planned for early December with the full platform launching around Christmas.

For launch Helbiz will supplement the inventory with its own fleet of owned cars to explore a completely free floating model available to all Helbiz users. The Helbiz vehicles will allow the team to conduct real world testing of a flexible car sharing model, working with local authorities optimizing the logistics before opening up the free floating model for private car owners as well.

The carsharing platform will launch in Los Angeles and depending on current acquisition bids Helbiz will almost simultaneously launch in Asia around January 2019, with a well established user base and car inventory.

Community Beta

In November 2018, Helbiz is planning to release a beta of the carsharing platform, giving early access for HBZ token holders for a first look of the platform. Pre-authorized HBZ tokenholders in Los Angeles and Milano will be offered the ability to complimentary use Helbiz’s own test vehicles around the cities to optimize the application ahead of the soft launch in December.

In November Helbiz will also release a HBZ based bug bounty program.

Helbiz App V3.0 —Jets + Yachts + Cars + HelbizGo

After the full integration and optimization of Helbiz carsharing on the platform the team will move forward with directly integrating its Jet & Yacht partners on the platform. Previous to the V3.0 both partners will be a part of the HelbizPay platform, allowing HBZ to become an easy and convenient payment method for high-end charters also before it is possible to book through the platform.


HelbizPay is a seperate application being built side-by-side with the Helbiz mobility platform by a separate team. The HelbizPay platform will have a community beta in November with a public launch in January 2019. 
The wallet infrastructure and source code being built will be reused and directly integrated into the Helbiz Mobility application to allow for cryptocurrency payments. 
The HelbizPay roadmap looks as follows:

V1.0—January 2019

HelbizPay will launch its all-in-one digital wallet solution allowing users to to create & manage unlimited wallets, acquire, send and spend cryptocurrency, all from one seamless hub on your phone in January 2019. With HelbizPay V1.0 users will be able to easily send cryptocurrencies without the need for wallet addresses, while storing and acquiring currencies with ease and businesses will be able to create merchant accounts enabling them to easily accept HBZ in stores.

V2.0 — Q2 2019

For the V2.0 of the HelbizPay platform the solution will be optimized for payments, real world usage and merchant integration.

Additionally HelbizPay 2.0 will allow for transactions and transfers without fees/gas through a transactional wallet in internal network of sub-wallets being credited/debited for instant and free transfers between users and merchants paired with dedicated merchant accounts with POS integration and QR code payment generation.

Along with the V2.0 Helbiz will release QR/NFC Hardware for restaurants and stores to easily accept HBZ through a simple scan.

V2.0 will further include the release of the HelbizPay API allowing 3rd party applications and websites to integrate HBZ as a payment option directly from within their own website or iOS.

Cryptocurrency integration

Helbiz goal is to encourage and promote the usage of HBZ utilizing its network of platforms, stretching far beyond transportation. The intention is to grow the currency through Helbiz and HelbizPay as a payment method for regular services from retail, online, shopping to restaurants through direct integration with existing Point Of Sale providers and service providers as an additional service. 
It is the team’s belief that any real HBZ impact will happen through the growth of the platform and its user base first and not originally brand it as a niche platform only for HBZ/crypto holders, as that will restrict the ability to scale and reaching the mainstream population.
The implementation of HBZ will happen phase by phase, moving towards a crypto only platform in its fourth phase.

Phase 1 — Sep to Dec 2018

During the 1st phase, the Helbiz platform will solely consist of HelbizGo, a platform that will be launched and run on credit card & Apple Pay payments due to both the current regulatory framework requiring Money Transmitter Licenses (MTL) as well as the crypto wallet infrastructure that is currently being built by the HelbizPay team. Helbiz is in the process of obtaining 37 Money Transmitter Licenses for the US, and the Bitlicense for New York, the first Money Transmitter Licenses are expected around November while the Bitlicense is a 12–18-month process.

During phase 1, Helbiz will focus on growing the user base, visibility and awareness before then incentivizing regular users to convert to Helbiz token holders utilizing HBZ Payments through various incentives and reward programs.

Phase 2 — Est. Dec 2018

Around December of 2018, as the V2.0 of launches and Money Transmitter Licenses are granted allowing us to store, sell and send currency, crypto wallets will be introduced. The crypto wallet infrastructure is currently being built as a part of HelbizPay and will be directly integrated into the Helbiz app, allowing for direct HBZ payments with the ability to purchase additional HBZ from within the app via credit card through an API with our partner exchanges.

During the 2nd phase, HelbizGo users will enjoy savings of up to 25% while collecting additional rewards points as a part of a large-scale rewards program built only for HBZ users. The discount for Helbiz Carsharing will depend on the car owner’s preferences but discounts will be between 10–20% for private cars and up to 50% for Helbiz owned vehicles in specific time frames to further encourage the usage of HBZ also for traditionally non-crypto users.
The goal of Helbiz is to seek mainstream adaptation, and then incentivize the general user of Helbiz to move towards HBZ and crypto payments through a sleek UI/UX making HBZ easily accessible, as it is the team’s belief that a large user base will benefit the project more and allow to scale globally which will then benefit HBZ more than release a crypto-only V1.0 pushed back until Helbiz receives the Money transmitter licenses in December.

Making Helbiz a crypto only solution too early will restrict growth, and overall hurt HBZ as it will then only be a niche project for token holders and never build the impact needed to shift consumer behavior.

Top 5 Exchange

Once the phase 2 of the cryptocurrency integration has been launched the team will be able to re-initiate the conversations had with the top 5 exchange previously requiring a working Helbiz platform using HBZ, or trading above ICO price, in order to list.

Phase 3 — Q1 2019

After HelbizPay launches the focus of the HelbizPay team will be to grow the payment infrastructure and secure strategic partnerships with current payment providers and processors beyond the transportation sector in the hospitality, restaurant, shopping and retail space both online and in-store aiming to become the easiest acceptable cryptocurrency for merchants and private individuals. 
During the 3rd phase our high-end yacht and jet charter partners will start to implement HBZ payments for its services through HelbizPay.

Phase 4

In the 4th phase Helbiz will utilize its user base, previous growth and position within local communities to phase out direct fiat payments in the Helbiz app moving towards a crypto only solution . All purchases, even with credit card, will simply purchase HBZ of the open market via the exchange API to fill the in-app wallet which will only hold HBZ making it the only accepted currency.

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