Helbiz — Monday Update

This week’s update will briefly focus on the current state of the product as we are getting closer to launch

With the launch getting closer several members of the team have traveled to LA to prepare and open a smaller office specifically focused on fleet management and customer relations while the software development and executive offices will remain in the financial district of New York City.

The Los Angeles team will leading up to the launch primarily focus on local partnerships in the hospitality and car industry among hotels, dealership and smaller rental operations to establish a strong foundation with quality available inventory, general awareness and promotional value.

Once the beta testing of the hardware has finished the promo car will be shown to the public in Los Angeles as a part of a larger campaign to promote car and user registration around the different areas.

Until now all testing of the device have been conducted outside of a car, either in the office by the development team ensuring seamless synchronization with the app or by connecting the hardware to a power source in various real life situations. The development team is continuing to optimize the synchronization and security throughout this week until the scheduled installation of the first mass produced production unit in a normal car this Friday in Los Angeles.

After the successful installation, and four days of testing inside the garage, the car will be on the public roads of Los Angeles next week for the final phase involving repeated rentals with multiple devices in a closed beta. Both installation and public road testing will be published on Twitter, Telegram and Instagram.

AMA with Salvatore Palella
The Helbiz team will arrange an official Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Telegram directly with Salvatore Palella to allow our community to talk directly to the CEO of Helbiz ahead of launch to learn more about the project, beliefs, vision, him personally and his past experience .

The AMA with CEO Palella will be live on the official Helbiz Telegram channel Friday the 13th at 9AM GMT-4

Do not miss this opportunity to speak to the person behind the Helbiz vision.

The Helbiz team will purchase more than $1m (USD) of HBZ off the open market, to strengthen the company’s position both internally and to new investors.

The buy back will be executed stage by stage and at this point the team has already executed the first stage of the buyback, with several to come over the next weeks.

  • 400 ETH of HBZ was bought from its various exchanges between $0.01 and $0.04.

The team will continue to acquire HBZ and buy for more than 1600 ETH over the next couple of weeks until after the launch with the intention of bringing the currency back to ICO price.

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