Introducing HelbizGO

Helbiz’s new dockless electric and green scooter sharing solution

Today Helbiz’s CEO Salvatore Palella introduced HelbizGo in an interview with Forbes Italy. HelbizGo is a new green and electric scooter sharing platform allowing Helbiz users to unlock electric scooters all over cities globally directly from within the Helbiz app in a dockless free floating model, payable with debit card, credit card, ApplePay and our own HBZ coin.

HelbizGo offers cheap, flexible and efficient intra-urban transportation, reducing traffic congestion, promoting healthy living and solving the all-important challenge of the first and last mile.

View all available scooters nearby in the app and simply scan the QR code on the scooter’s handle bar to unlock and ride. Once a ride has been finished leave the scooter on the sidewalk and end the rental which instantly makes it available for the next Helbiz users.

The dev team will be focused on integrating HelbizGo over the next few weeks while the Helbiz’s car hardware continues to be tested in Serbia.

HelbizGo will launch in Italy soon, where after we will continue to expand throughout Europe in 2018

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