Give Your Articles a Boost With ManyStories

Whether you write on Medium or across more platforms, you will find this platform useful

Helen Olivier (AuDHD)
2 min readJun 19, 2023


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If you are writing on Medium, or just about anywhere on the internets, you should also share your work on ManyStories.

This platform aims to create a space where writers can showcase their stories, regardless of the platform or website they choose to publish on.

This could be useful for writers who have their work scattered across different websites or social media platforms, as ManyStories provides a centralized hub for sharing and connecting with readers. This platform will give all of your writing a home under one metaphorical roof.

By bringing together writers and readers in one place, ManyStories seeks to foster a community where readers can discover new stories. This creates opportunities for writers to gain more exposure and build a loyal readership.

A chance to be discovered

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