What they don’t tell you

It has been a while since I wrote anything.

I won’t deny that it is primarily because I have not been motivated to a) do anything b) write anything.

My last post was about my injury, an injury that broke my heart and tore it to pieces. …

Another injury in my triathlon journey.

It was a little ironic to say the least.

Quite surreal… the way everything transpired.

I had just completed one of my best training weeks in preparation for my full distance IronMan race in July. My coach (Jan — the Flying Dutchman!) sent a message saying how impressed he was with my progress and that I had reached the highest level of fitness since I had started training with him just over a year ago.

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A beautiful message from my coach after a long, hard training week

Needless to say, I was happy. So when my recovery week came around, it was definitely well earned.

I chose to go for a run one evening, around the Marina area in Dubai. I don’t usually run here because the GPS issues means that pacing is all wrong, but since I had an hour easy jog, I thought “why not.” …

Meet Maya.

A year ago, after I completed my first IronMan 70.3 I wrote a blog just like this one about how I went from Zero to IronMan 70.3 in 8 months. I shared my struggles, how I learned to swim and cycle, trying to manage my time with kids and work and how if I could do it, any one can.

Today, as I reflect on the IM70.3 Dubai 2018, one thing that stands out the most is a lady I met a year ago. She messaged me on Facebook messenger, said she had been reading my blog and wanted to see if we can meet. …


Helen Al Uzaizi

Mother of 2, Social Entrepreneur, Triathlete. Jordanian, living in Dubai.

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