Training for #IronMan 70.3… can I take a sick leave?

I am writing this blog having just come home from the hospital for having a fever of 40+ the last two days and terrible full body pain because of it. Still sick but feeling better and hopefully won’t last much longer.

First thing that occurred to me was that it meant I could not train for a few days and I have been completely freaked out that I will end up going back a few steps and wondering if I can really afford to take some time off to rest.

Everyone has told me that what I need is rest, and I understand that, but its really hard to sit back and do nothing when you know that you have planned your training down to the minute.

People have trained for these things for years and I am sure they get sick or their bodies give up on them at some point. How do you manage to stay on track when you do? Trying to figure out how to handle this and crossing my fingers that this won’t last longer than another 2–3 days.

Do you get back into training and go back a few days, or do you go back to training as though nothing happened? Any advice and suggestions are welcome! For now, I’ll stick to my bed, ginger and lemon tea and the stacks of medications the doctor has prescribed.

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