Gang Prevention for Youth

I want to learn more about gang prevention in the community of Boyle Heights. This community has had an increase in violence within the Latino population and many that enter the gang community are young adults. Many are high school dropouts and this leads for many young adults not to obtain a higher education. I would like to know what prevention programs there are and what are they doing to prevent the youth from joining gangs.

Boyle Heights is known for its culture and diversity but also has had a history of violence and gang members residing in the community. Nearly six percent of murders in Los Angeles took place in Boyle Heights, according to LAPD data.

This is an important issue for me because as a student that was involved with community organizations throughout high school and college I was able to get the right mentorship and advice to purse a higher education despite living in a community where gangs exist. However, there is a huge percentage of young adults that start living a life of violence and don’t continue on with their education. What is being done for those young adults, specifically how is our own community helping the young generation to stray away from the gang life and be able to grow and obtain a career?

For this project I will contact the youth coordinator from Homeboy Industries, Captain Baeza with the Los Angeles Police Department and learn what programs are helping young generations thrive.

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