Taking it in gradually

As it fills my body

It fills me… ignites different emotions throughout me

Reluctantly, I receive

Filled by the reality of constant tragedies

Reminded of the magnitude of inhumanity


Confused by civilization

What are we? You and me…

This blood that flows through our bodies,

This heart that pumps for our lives

Why do we bleed?

Why must they bleed?

Our humanity has become a shattered mirror


Broken debris,

Separate pieces confuse me

We are reflecting through this shattered mirror

Right in our face… It is our face…

We look past it, not understanding the size of the tragedy

thrown away… deserted in the back of our busy minds

So confusing…

This reality

It hurts

Breaks my strength inside

I’m living my life while others are dying

It angers me!

Human quality is emptying into nothing

Compassion and kindness are disappearing

Where did it go wrong?

Easy to hate and harder to love

Why do we do it?

Why can’t we see each other as one?

We are truly one

One race

The human race!

And we are falling!


Killing off one another

Trying to prove whose superior

Proving nothing!

Becoming nothing but a shame!

I am ashamed

I shut my eyes because I can’t stand the façade of our human race

Although, I can close my eyes

Desire to escape…

Nothing will change

The extent of this actuality, exists powerfully

It is reality and it needs fixing

It needs to change

I need to change

I open my eyes and face it

So easy to just turn away…

But I have to face it

I am part of it

Part of these fragments of this shattered mirror known as our humanity

It is reality

I open my eyes

And face myself.

original -> Black Life Series:

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