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The Most Essential Skills I Learned from Working at Nerdify (GoNerdify.com)

Good Marketing Managers are in demand nowadays as organizations strive to deliver successful projects at a faster pace in increasingly complex environments. A good Marketing Manager should have a set of skills that can be valuable to an organization. Here is what we appreciate at Nerdify (gonerdify.com).

1. Communication

Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all skills. The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended, is a vital skill and something that should not be overlooked. It’s essential that a manager can effectively communicate information, ideas, goals, and issues to other employees.

2. Leadership

You can’t do everything on your own, you need a team. As a Marketing Manager you must remember that you don’t just manage processes, you lead the team. Your team will be asking for guidance, answers, direction, and mentorship and you need to be there for them all the time. Leadership is the basic concept in the management industry that you need to get a hang of.

3. Scheduling

How can you manage people without having a plan? Most of the managers always walk around almost surgically attached to their project schedules and there is nothing wrong with it. Being able to prioritize tasks to get the expected outcome at the right time is a major part of your work.

4. Risk Assessment and Management

There is always a chance that something will go wrong. Good managers know this and plan for it. Managing unexpected is another important skill you need to learn. All the action plans need to be incorporated and tracked.

5. Team management

You are not the only person working on the project — you are managing a group of people. A successful team manager excels at administering and coordinating groups of individuals by promoting teamwork, delegating tasks, resolving conflict, setting goals, and evaluating performance. Apart from this, being able to recruit high quality employees is a crucial requirement for any leader. Fresh talent can come with tons of creativity that it is needed to create successful campaigns.