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Things I’ve learned from making Nerdify Bot. Does your business need one too?

Chat bots are not new on the market. There were a lot of standalone apps with conversational experience and websites that let you chat with AI (examples). However they got a lot more attention after Facebook has announced its Messenger Platform in April 2016. Our team at Nerdify hopped on the hype-train as we were excited to create our own chat bot. Back then Facebook Messenger had already had over 11,000 chat bots. The competition was huge, so I could not help but ask myself the question “Do we really want to create a bot?”. Being where we are right now with Nerdify Bot I can say without a doubt that the answer is “Yes”. And here are the reasons why:

Building a bot can be easier than it seems

We wanted Nerdify Bot to have a wide-range functionality that could help students with various academic tasks. To achieve that Nerdify Bot had to be powered by a combination of open source and proprietary NLP engines as well as machine learning tech. But if you want to create your first bot it does not have to be this complicated. Thanks to Facebook and its Messenger Platform there are a bunch of different services now that let you put together your own chat bot. For instance platforms like Chatfuel help you create a bot without coding. These services are decent and provide a relatively simple functionality which is great for starters.

Chat bots are easy-to-use

Chat bots are usually easy to start interacting with. They are text-driven, feature images and have a familiar messenger app interface. That’s why you don’t have to worry about fancy designs and redundant features when making a chat bot. Just think of your favorite messenger app — wouldn’t it be cool to use the same interface to interact with a bot? We thought so too and chose to create Nerdify Bot based on Facebook Messenger Platform instead of turning it into a separate app.

Bots can be used to re-engage customers

Let’s be honest, any service wants to keep as many customers as they can. Chat bots are a great way to do that as they make your service look fresh again. Even though Nerdify Bot is a standalone project that is not tied to any service it still shows how much interest people have for chat bots. During the first month of its launch Nerdify Bot had over 1000 users while 22% of them are active on daily basis and this number continues to grow.

Nerdify Bot has received a lot of positive feedback and love from its users. It even reached the very top of the daily chart on Product Hunt with over 700 upvotes! Bots will change everything and you can still be one of the first adopters. We did it with Nerdify Bot and you can do it too!