Tips by Helene Goldnadel for Teaching Your Child Self-Confidence

Teaching your child self-confidence is a vital step in helping him prepare for what lies ahead in the future. It’s the foundation needed in order to have a happy, successful life. The way you feel about yourself determines how you act when you’re around other people. It also affects the way you treat others and the way you allow them to treat you. Children with little or no confidence often have discipline problems. They normally perform poorly in school and they usually have relationship problems when they get older.

Therefore, teaching your child self-confidence will help teach him discipline and how to have a healthy relationship with others when he becomes an adult. Below are a few tips suggested by Helene Goldnadel (a life coach) that can help you accomplishing this goal:

  • Play with your child and use his name when addressing him. This will make him feel special and loved.
  • Provide praise when he’s done a good job, encouragement when it’s needed and thank him for making an effort.
  • Always be sincere when talking to your child. If you’re just saying the words and not really paying attention, he’ll know you don’t really mean it and it’ll lose its effectiveness.
  • Reward positive behavior and discipline the child when needed, within reason of course. The punishment should always fit the crime and be designed to teach the child what he did wrong and why it was a problem.
  • If your child fails at something, let him know that it’s okay. He just needs to prepare a little better and try again. There is nothing wrong with failing once in awhile as long as you tired your best and continue to thrive to improve in the future.
  • Pay attention when he talks to you and engage in conversation by asking him questions. This helps to improve his verbal skills and teaches him how to interact with others when in conversation.
  • Even if you don’t agree with something he says or believes in, let him know that you respect his opinion and explain why you disagree.

Helene Goldnadel says that teaching your child self-confidence is a vital part of his life and is necessary for him to grow into a strong, healthy adult. He should respect himself and be proud of who he is but at the same time, he should have respect and sympathy for others. Teaching your child self-confidence starts when he’s an infant but it continues throughout his teenage years. As the parent, it’s your responsibility to boost your child’s self worth without going overboard. There’s a fine line between being self confident and overbearing and it’s up to the parents to teach children the difference.

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