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Heleus Core
Feb 13 · 2 min read

Heleus Core is new. It didn’t hit the public yet, therefore we are going make a public beta test, starting 20.02.20 20:02:20 UTC. Unlike other beta tests where you basically test final products (this is more of a marketing gag and not real testing), this is not the case for Heleus Core.

Until now, only a hand full of people have used Heleus Core. But what happens when hundreds or even thousands of people try to use it at the same time? Is it stable? Will it break? We simply don’t know. From our experience with other large projects, we know it will somehow break. There will be bugs that didn’t trigger before and it will probably crash a few times. And it will not be reachable for a certain amount of time. But that’s okay, that why we do a public beta test. As a consequence of this, we will not launch all our apps and services from the beginning. And there won’t be any Heleus Coins initially.

We will make the Heleus App, the Heleus Profile service and Heleus Todo available from the beginning. That should be enough to test the system. After the first bugs are fixed, we will add our other apps to the beta test. And when this is done and everything is stable, we will officially launch Heleus Core.

So, please be patient with us and report bugs and errors on Github. We will do our best to make Heleus Core stable.

All of you that test Heleus Core, submit bugs and help us making it better, you will be rewarded with free Heleus Coins after the beta test.

Thank you for reading and happy bug hunting
The Heleus Core Team

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Heleus, the blockchain technology with a purpose.

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