NFT gaming platform partners with esports giants Battlefy

NFT trading & gaming platform Helicon NFT partners with esports organisers Battlefy.

When you’re an NFT trading and gaming platform with plans to change the way gamers see their favourite games forever, it helps to partner with the best. It’s hard to think of a more accomplished esports organisation than Battlefy. With over 70,000 tournaments under their belt, Battlefy has kept players glued to their screens, keyboards and gamepads for more than 20 million hours.

Battlefy has hosted some of the world’s largest and most prestigious tournaments, but who’s surprised at this point? With support for about 40,000 games, it would be easier to list the games Battlefy doesn’t host tournaments for.

That’s why we’re so excited to have partnered with Battlefy. We have lofty ambitions, so expect NFT-enabled games to join the ranks of games like Hearthstone, FIFA, League of Legends, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Fortnite, and Super Smash Bros. As a bonus, games that plug into our ecosystem will allow you to trade NFTs or create your own and earn real rewards just for playing.

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