Charted Helicopters- The flying predators of luxury

Helicopters are one of the fascinating inventions by our civilization. Flying off to any destination in minutes is an amusing thing to even think. Helicopters are never used as public transport like airlines because there is insufficient seating, usually a copter has enough room for 2 to 6 people which is not enough to make it a public transport. However, Helicopters can be hired for personal travels for various purposes or occasions.

Charted Helicopter services provide luxury copters for all the different occasions and events, some of the services provided by these companies are:

Sightseeing tours

If you are a fan of just flying in a helicopter and look at the beautiful terrain from the clouds then this service is meant for you. A lot of the firms provide sightseeing tours, in which you are picked up from your desired location and taken to the various terrains where it is nearly impossible to reach via road. It can be a good gift to any of your loved one or even just for yourself.


Corporate Transfers

If you have any corporate meeting or if you are looking for escorting services, then these services can come handy. These services are charged depending upon the size and the type of the helicopter. It also depends on the number of hours spent and waiting charges etc.

Wedding Helicopters

If it is the big day of your life then you can make it even larger than life by arriving at the wedding in style. These organizations understand the importance of your occasion and work accordingly, providing the themed based copters and help you surprise everyone at your wedding. Imagine a Colossal Beast at the background while you and your loved one takes the most important vows of your entire life and after that flying in it away from everybody else.

Hiring these mechanical giants is the most luxurious thing ever. These are affordable and worth every penny you spend on it, from just flying in the sky looking out at the horizon at dusk to blowing the entire crowd at your wedding ceremony, any occasion can turn into a monumental milestone with the presence of a metal predator of sky.

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