Small Law Firm Web Design Cost and Pricing

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Having an effective and informative website is important for every single business whether you are a single attorney, Small Law Firm or a Big Law Firm serving clients nationwide.

Your website offers brief synopsis of your services to your online visitors. It is very important for solo lawyer website to be creative and precise.

Best Law Firm Website Design Cost 2018

Small law firm website design cost could be anywhere in between $500-$2500 [10–50 pages] depending upon number of pages and content. Medium and Big law firm website design with 100s of pages can cost anywhere in between $2500-$5000 depending upon features and functionalities required.

Website maintenance is another important service which should not be neglected. A website which is regularly updated with fresh content ranks higher on search engines. Moreover, there are technical updates which needs to be made on regular basis.
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A website for upto 5–10 Pages can easily cost upto $500 whereas a website with 50–100 Page content could cost you $1500-$2500.

Combining Website Design and SEO Together

By combing Website Design with Search engine optimization/marketing, you can further generate more and more leads for your law firm. Having an SEO optimized website will ensure that your website appears near the top results of popular search engines helping your customers to locate your services.

As per the study, 40% of people who need a lawyer search online on popular search engines to find attorney who offers services within their specific area/region. People are more interested in hiring an attorney/law firm with website offering plenty of useful information and case studies with successful results.

What are the Key Elements of a Good Web Design?

The websites of the law should be informative and design should be attractive to users but clear and concise at the same time.

a) Mobile Friendly/Responsive Website

Your website must be mobile friendly. Most of the clients access internet using their mobile devices so you have to ensure that your website loads quickly and properly when accessed through mobile devices.

b) Good/Informative Content

Your website must offer relevant content which appeals to your visitors and establishes your law firm as an experienced law firm.

c) Clear and Clean Website Navigation Structure

When deciding on a design for a website attorneys first thing is to have clear customer profile and target audience. Website navigation should be clear and precise.

d) Updated Website

Website should be regularly updated with fresh content, images, and videos to make your website appealing to your visitors.

e) Search Engine Friendly Web Design for Law Firm

Having an seo friendly website means that your website should follow Google guidelines in the development process ensuring clear navigation and easy to access site.

f) Social Networking and Digital Marketing Ready

Your website should be integrated with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and G+

g) Fast Loading

Your website should load quickly on mobile devices. Fast loading websites generate more leads as compared to slow speed website. By utilizing best hosting service and intelligent design structure you can make your website quick to load.

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