Top 10 Greatest Scientists of All Time and their Great Inventions

Helios7 brings you top 10 Scientists who have left their mark in the history of mankind.

Top 10 Scientists are:-

1) Archimedes — Known for Archimedes Screw

2) Albert Einstein — Famous for Theory of Relativity

3) Nicholas Copernicus —Famous for Heliocentric Model of the Universe

4) Galileo Galilei — Known for Telescope

5) Leonardo da Vinci — Flying Machine, Helicopter and many more

6) Isaac Newton — Newtons law of Gravitation and Motion

7) Louis Pasteur — Known for Pasteurization

8) Benjamin Franklin

9) Nikola Tesla — Wireless Electricity (way ahead of future)

10) Stephen Hawking — Known for his contributions to the fields of cosmology and black hole radiation

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